Is a survivor and so much more! He's an award-winning comedian and World-class juggler who brings energy, passion and roars of laughter to his keynote and breakout sessions.

His hilarious, life-affirming spin on adversity makes him the perfect choice for health care, hospice and survivorship events. His clean, playful comedy, makes him the right choice for any audience that deserves a laugh!

Watch the short intro of Scott's cancer battle and his funny and inspiring take on his experience.


Scott has been at the forefront of the Health and Humor movement for over 15 years. His laugh-out-loud comedy enlightens professionals and health conscious communities to the patient perspective. (both CEU and CME credits can be earned). It's not Humor Therapy - it is Human Therapy. Read more -

A favorite at survivor celebrations for over a decade, Scott's hold-your-sides-funny program opens doors that were previously shut to many touched by cancer.  Skilled comedy, incredible juggling and profound honesty make this a one of a kind experience. We are ALL survivors! Finding laughter through adversity is not only good medicine, it is something we deserve - and feel great doing. A hilarious take on his cancer battle and incredible juggling sets Scott apart. Learn more

It is the second most important decision we will ever make. When Scott's father transitioned to hospice care, humor was a vital tool in maintaining perspective, comfort and sense of self. The only decision greater than facing end of life? Facing Life! And both require passion, heart and laughter. Click for more -

Let a professional deliver your message. Before bringing of laughter to survivorship, Scott was a hit at Fortune 500 Companies. His playful, clean and energetic style brings a zest to meetings and howls of laughter. The board of directors of 3M, meetings for Honeywell, Valmont, IBM, McDonalds, Wells Fargo and Amgen Pharmaceuticals; they're all on Scott's client list - Check it out!

To read some of Scott's articles on humor, click here.

Visit Scott's Survivor's Resource Site! It hasn't been updated since the early '40s, but click here (or the icon below) to find humor, poetry, links, articles and humanity for cancer survivors.

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