A Life in the Balance is a book that goes beyond coping with cancer, it is a book that embraces life with and without cancer.

Poignant, revealing and engagingly written, this book overflows with laugh-out-loud comedy, giving a whole new look to how we face the "serious" side of life.

A stand-up comic and professional juggler who has worked with Jay Leno, toured with Louie Anderson and sold a script to prime time television, Scott Burton puts a fear-reducing and life-embracing spin on his one year battle with a high-grade osteo sarcoma (cancer) in 1992.

In his story you will see cancer from the other side of the stethoscope. Not a medical dictionary or a how-to book, A Life in the Balance tells the survivor's story without forgetting that there is a whole and full life outside of cancer -- or any personal battle. And, with humor, Scott shows that in all of life's challenges, amidst the pain and uncertainty, there is also room for joy. This is a book about laughing and loving life.

Univ. of Pennsylvania's Oncolink says, "A Life in the Balance is difficult put down once you start reading. It is recommended for any patient diagnosed with cancer or those involved in the care of cancer patients. This book may help cancer patients and survivors look at their disease in a different perspective."

For either yourself, a friend or a support group, this is a book about cancer (and facing trials) like no other.

"Scott has created a rare book that successfully and eloquently combines humor with cancer. A Life in the Balance will enlighten all who read it and is highly recommended by OncoLink."
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Dr. James Metz
Associate Editor
"A Life in the Balance is one of the most original books on survivorship I've ever read. It is as much for those around the cancer survivor as the survivor themself. Informative, thoughtul and poingnant, it is also, as is rarely seen in books of this nature, very entertaining." Judy Gerner
Director of Patient Network
MD Anderson Cancer Center
"Inspirational, honest and genuinely funny!" Michelle Dien, RN
Fairview Health Systems
"Packed full of wisdom and joy, this book should appeal to all who have been touched by cancer as well as anyone else who shares the human condition. This is not a book about cancer. It is, in fact, about human life. Sometimes cancer is part of that life, (but only part.)" Carol Pulskamp
Executive Director
NorCal Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
"Scott's book contains what everyone who desires to be a survivor requires, inspiration. It is more than humorous. It is human, humane and hilarious. His story paints wonderfully the balance between the medicinal and the emotional battles of cancer"
Dr. Bernie Siegel
Author, Love Medicine & Miracles
"Scott has created a multi-layered narrative that is both hilarious and tragic -- touching, yet irreverent -- soft, yet scathing. This book is a delightful read."
Linda Klein
Co-Author, I Can Cope
"It has a heart I haven't found anywhere else." Dr. Barry Tepperman
The Mining Company

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