These are links to books about cancer but, more specifically, the human side of cancer. Perhaps it is the humorous side, perhaps the fearful side, but they are books that come from the heart.

A Life in the Balance
by Scott Burton
A sensitive look at survivorship
through the eyes of a stand-up comic
(yes, it's my book. But it's really worth reading.
I know -- I've read it.)

Time on Fire
by Evan Handler
An intense ride.
Mr. Handler can be savage. But he's
very perceptive and an excellent

The Red Devil: To Hell With Cancer -- And Back
by Katherine Russel Rich
A very well reviewed book on
a woman's battle with breast cancer

Because Cowards Get Cancer Too : A Hypochondriac Confronts His Nemesis
by John Diamond
Another book people seem to love. He doesn't soft peddle the experience,
but deftly writes with humor and keen perception.

Mom's Marijuana
by Dan Shapiro
Sounds like a book I'd like.
It was recommended by a friend and stand-out cancer survivor, Dr. Wendy Harpham

Bald in the Land of Big Hair
by Joni Rogers
Another book recommended by Dr. Harpham.
Looks good.

God said, "Ha"
by Julia Sweeney
Former Saturday Night Live alum.
I do believe it's soon to be a movie

I'm Alive and the Doctor's Dead
by Sue Buchanan
A friend from Nashville.
She's got a fun, warm sense of humor
and a friendly writing style

To Run the Race with Joy
by Sandy Rice
This book was recommended via email.
It tells of breast cancer from the caregiver's view.

Cancer Free: The Miracle
by Thomas Marrow
One man taking it upon himself
to help his own body recover from
level four skin cancer

The Books of Allen Klein
by Allen Klein
A few books that encourage the reader to seek humor by
a man who is a respected speaker on the topic of humor and healing

I Want to Grow Hair, I Want to Grow up, I Want to go to Boise
by Erma Bombeck
I haven't read it. But I
believe Ms. Bombeck records
children's views of facing cancer.
The way I see it is,you can't go wrong with Erma Bombeck

Those books all have to do with cancer and healing. However, this site
is about being human with or without cancer.
So here's some more books that are just fun to read:

Children's Letters to God
by Stuart Hample & Eric Marshall
Hilarious and touching real letters that children
have written in a class. This one's a gem.

The Pre-History of the Far Side
by Gary Larson
Easily the best Far Side book ever! Shows Mr. Larson's
creative process as well as editor rejects and even reader complaints.
If your hospital has a humor cart this book belongs on it!

The Fran Liebowitz Reader
by Fran Liebowitz
Urbane wit from the funniest woman in America

The Duct Tape Book
by Jim and Tim
There's no better way to feel human than to
just plain be silly. These guys do that
with the only tool you'll ever need -- Duct Tape

Any suggestions? email me