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Plant Cancer -- This is a nicely hip site that was put together by a group of young cancer survivors (post-toddler). They have a nice irreverent feel, but are serious enough to make an impact. They seem to have it all, from the little, human things that make you feel better about your battle, to finding quality information.

Medicine Walks -- Hey -- Here's a fabulous idea. A doctor takes a weeklong hike with a handful of patients (in Switzerland, to boot) and spends that week talking over, in plain language and with humor and humanity, any concerns that patient has - medical and emotional. During the last set of walks he also brought along a good humored spiritual counselor. Man, wouldn't it be great if all doctors were required to spend this kind of time with patients at least once a year?

Outlook: Life Beyond Childhood Cancer -- This site is put together by some great folks in Wisconsin. I recommend the Personal Stories (from a wonderful book called Kids With Courage).

Phoenix5 -- This is a site specific to prostate cancer for those diagnosed AND their loved ones. This site has first-person accounts, articles and covers issues like advocacy, resources and (gasp) sexuality and intimacy (no foldouts, though, guys. So quit looking). Check it out fellas.

The Mining Company -- At this site you can get advice from an actual oncologist. Always get a second opinion, but it's a good place to start.

Cancer Free Connection -- This site has success stories of numerous types of cancers, books, links and strategies for a mind/body approach to being cancer free.

The rest of these are pretty straight forward info sights.

Steve Dunn's Cancer Guide


Cancer Care

I'll post more as I find them.