Scott is described as "The Whole Package," stand-up comedy, an infectious, spirited energy and mind-blowing juggling that leaves the audience talking about his show for days. And, beyond the entertainment, Scott is able to send a message.

Scott combines his unique skills to deliver, with laughter, a message specifically for your group.

Scott also presents his own powerful and inspiring story of recognizing joy. Through a year-long battle with cancer, Scott tells his story with clean comedy, helping others find joy and productivity throughout adversity. He's even written a best selling laugh-out-loud funny book on survivorship titled A Life in the Balance to glowing reviews.

Scott's high-energy and interactive show makes for a potent opening keynote address or the perfect way to end your conference on a high note.


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"We have had many speakers in the past from the top business 'gurus' to the positive thinkers. Your presentation received the highest ratings ever." Greg Stea
Vice President, Sales
Amgen, Inc.
"You do a wonderful job of blending side-splitting laughter with a serious topic and upbeat message. Your message was appropriate for any audience, and your delivery was superb. Your appearance made me look like a genius!" Scott Free
Director of Sales Operations
"I've heard nothing but rave reviews!" Cynthia Bachman
Vice President, Engineering
Plumbing, North America Kohler Co.
"What an awesome performance you did for our 7th annual client appreciation evening. So many of our clients have phoned, written or talked with someone at our office about your hilariously funny, entertaining, upbeat, energetic presentation and incredible juggling. We simply do not know how we will top your program next year!" Dennis Fletcher
Fletcher Financial Network
"Scott, your act is the best I've seen. And I've seen enough to compare. Besides being a great time, you were an excellent investment. You helped us be able to deliver the message one time, with retention, to eliminate travel costs." Glen Finch
Card Services Division
Norwest Banks
"Scott was extremely entertaining and uproariously funny. But that's what we expected. What we didn't expect was his depth of understanding of the business situation, his concern that the marketing issues be clearly addressed and his willingness to be coached." Charles T. Moore
Creative Director
Business Incentives, Inc.
"Scott, you are not only good, you are great! You were the highlight of our convention in San Diego. I've never seen anyone with more energy that was generated back to the audience." John Groh
Sales Manager
Valmont Industries
Scott Burton
2624 Tracy Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64108
(612) 385-8387

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