Thanks for visiting the Inconvenience Productions Cancer Resource page. This site focuses on the cancer survivor and/or caregiver as a thriving and vital human being. I feel it's important to recognize deep human integrity, value and dignity before, during and after cancer. One of the best ways to do that is simply find the things you love and embrace them. For me, the best tool to do that is with a sense of humor or, if you read the backlogged article on the humor page, a sense of human.

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Here's what's changed since the last time you stopped by. As of 5/23/03 pretty much every section that usually changes has changed once more. The best I can advise is to click around and you'll probably hit upon something new. For example:

There are more links at the CANCER RELATED WEBSITES

There is a new poem posted at the POEM PAGE

A new article at the HUMOR RESOURCE PAGE

There's a new piece at LAUGH LAND -- Children's Letters to God.

There is, once more, a couple new books about cancer listed on my BOOKS PAGE

I have a new BOOK EXCERPT posted too.

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(1) As far as any exciting news from the Scott Burton front, I'm working on series of stories titled Living Next Door to the Olsons . I posted a few over the past couple months, but now only have one. You can check it out here Anything posted now may have some material that refers to the earlier things I've posted. Just play along. Or, if you really want, I'd happily email you the previous stories to give you some background.

If you read them, all I ask is that you drop me an email as to whether you like them or not. I suppose they're supposed to be funny, but that's too much pressure to put on the reader. They're really just fractured tales of growing up in Minnesota. Just let me know what you think. Some people don't like being blunt by saying, "it's garbage," so, feel free to say things like "they don't make sense" or "I don't relate to them" "I don't find them funny or engaging" or whatever. I'm just looking for feedback.

(2) An upcoming issue of Coping will include my article Humor is a Gift .

(3) Also, if you fly the friendly skies of Northwest Airlines, I was recently featured in their inflight magazine, World Traveler. It was in the April issue so, unless you're into altering the laws of physics, you'll just have to take my word for it that it was there. Or you can request a copy from me. Maybe sometime in the future I'll post in on this or my commercial website

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